6 Tasks Homeowners Should Do In November

Now is a great time to get some home maintenance tasks done before the busy holiday season sets in. Check out this list by Houselogic of simple things to do this November to make your home feel cozy and inviting!

  • Wash Bed Pillows 

Bed pillows can hang on to a lot of nastiness, so make sure to wash them now to ensure you or your guests have the best night’s sleep possible! 

  • Clean Mattresses 

It’s easy to freshen up your mattress! All you’ll need to do is vaccuum it and then wipe it down with an upholstery shampoo. Just be sure to let it dry completely!

  • Insulate Windows 

Hanging drapes as close to your windows as possible will help to keep heat inside and prevent the dreaded cold draft. 

  • Stock Up On Snow Supplies 

Take advantage of seasonal sales and stock up on snow supplies to ensure you won’t have to make a last-minute trip to the hardware store.

  • Trim Tree Branches

Keep tree branches at least three feet away from your home to help prevent tree damage from winter storms. 

  • Get a Chimney Sweep to Inspect Your Fireplace 

A professional chimney sweep will ensure your wood-burning fireplace burns efficiently and help prevent chimney fires. 

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