First winter in Boise? Here’s what to expect…

Winter view of the Boise Foothills and snowy valley

One of the great things about living in Boise is that we have four distinct, beautiful seasons. With so many new residents to Boise coming from warmer climates, however, we wanted to ease the fears you may have about your first Idaho winter. While the rest of Idaho can experience rough winters, here in Boise we are lucky to have typically mild winters. Even though the surrounding mountains will get a considerable amount of snow, the snow doesn’t tend to stick around for more than one or two days down in the valley. You can rest easy because although snow does often make an appearance in Boise, our average amount of yearly snowfall is far less than the rest of Idaho. Our average winter temperatures are also warmer than the rest of the state. Although winters here in town can get chilly, we don’t tend to have very many extremely cold days. Most of the cold weather can be beaten with a warm coat, mittens, a hat, and a hot chocolate.

One downside to winter in Boise is the inversion. Inversions are a semi-regular fixture of wintertime here in town. This weather phenomenon happens when colder temperatures, as well as smog and pollution, get trapped in our valley. Inversions never last for too long, though!

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