Home Maintenance Tasks For June!

Can you believe it’s already June!? Even though it’s wild to think that summer is once again upon us, warmer weather brings fresh opportunities to tackle some important home maintenance tasks. Check out this comprehensive list from our friends at Houselogic and get to work!

  1. Update Outdoor Lighting
    Early summer is a great time to upgrade or add to your outdoor landscape lighting, in preparation darker winter evenings. You don’t want to be caught in the dark at 4:30 come December!
  2. Clean Your Home’s Siding
    With proper maintenance, siding can last for decades! Take care of it now to avoid issues in the future. To clean your siding, work from the bottom up with a soft cloth or a long-handled soft bristled brush.
  3. Focus on Your Foundation
    June is the perfect time to inspect your home’s foundation for crumbling mortar, cracks in the stucco, or persistently damp spots. If you notice any issues with your foundation, call a professional to fix any problems now…before it becomes an emergency!
  4. Seal Your Driveway Asphalt
    Your driveway takes a beating with normal, everyday use. Sealing it can help make it last, and June is the ideal time to do so, as outdoor temperatures must be 50 degrees or above for the sealer to stick.
  5. Buy Tools
    Father’s Day is in June, meaning there are usually some great deals on tools!

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