What to Know About Browsing for Homes Online

Browsing homes online is not only fun but it can also give you a general overview of the home in question. But, it’s important to take everything you find with a grain of salt! Our friends at Houselogic have created a list of things to consider when checking out homes online!

-Make sure your preferred website is regularly updated. 

It’s a big disappointment to find the seemingly perfect home while browsing online, only to discover that it has already been sold. 

-Remember: sometimes the best properties aren’t the best looking!

Gorgeous professional photos can sometimes be hiding less than savory details about a home. Make sure you’re not scrolling past the property description and key features, as that section can give you a lot of insights about the property. And don’t forget to have your agent help you interpret what you find!

-Treat your agent like your best friend!

Your agent is your biggest asset when it comes to searching for a home. After you have gathered information online, have your agent help you decipher what you’ve found!

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